Teak Sealer Shield

Our teak sealer shield will help to make your wooden teak furniture dirt and water repellent and is equally suitable for indoor or outdoor furniture. The teak shield is a water-based, almost invisible wood impregnator that makes it difficult for butter, coffee, oil or wine to seep into teak. This ensures that after every meal your teak table can be simply wiped with a damp cloth, without leaving any unsightly stains remaining.

Teak Patinizer – Maintaining the patina silver-grey colour of weathered teak.

Teak Patinizer is a water-based maintenance product for wooden teak furniture based on synthetic polymers, which are water and dirt resistant. Teak Patinizer slows the growth of fungi and algae. To maintain teakÕs silver-grey colour for a long period of time, without getting green deposits, Teak Patinizer should be used. Patinizer guarantees the typical light-grey patina of your furniture for a long time.

Both bottles contain: 1 Litre and cover Approx. 7 sq. metres each Ð A soft cloth is included with each bottle