Offering a neat and Renaissance look in any garden or outdoor space, this circular half tree seat incorporates the graceful elegance of the tree into the landscape, creating a focal point that people will naturally gravitate to in the garden.

Expertly manufactured using plantation grown A-grade teak, this circular half tree seat is equally suitable for both home and civic use and works perfectly in public spaces such as parks, museums, educational institutions and so on.

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Internal Diameter: 104cm
External Diameter: 220cm
Height: 90cm

Manufactured in durable, sustainable grade-A teak, Tectona grandis.

All our teak furniture is audited and issued with a SVLK certificate certifying that the teak has been legally harvested and that the furniture can be sold and marketed in any EU country.

The EU Timber Regulations (EUTR) 995/2010 prohibit the placing of illegally harvested and produced timber and timber-based products onto the European Markets.