Prevent your parasol from blowing away with this grey large 20kg stainless steel parasol base. Featuring a steel base, powder coated in a smooth grey finish to retard rusting and an attractive stainless steel tube for aesthetic appeal, this garden parasol stand is suitable for all garden sizes and styles and can be placed unobtrusively under a table setting.

Located on the underside of the base are 4 rubber feet which help to cushion this grey large 20kg stainless steel parasol base when placed on hard surfaces such as concrete and decking, however it can be made extra secure by bolting the parasol base into the ground using the 4 holes in each corner.

This grey large 20kg stainless steel parasol base is suitable for all parasols with a diameter of up to 50mm and features a tightening knob on the side of the tube to keep the parasol secure.

Garden parasol stand Dimensions:

Tube Height: 33 cm
Base Plate: 50 x 50 cm
Net Weight: 20 kg