This 25kg granite parasol base will keep your parasol safe and secure. With chamfered edges and a smooth touch finish, this sleek square umbrella stand features four nylon feet to prevent any scratching to your surfaces.

This granite parasol base includes a handle and wheels to make it easy to manoeuvre around the garden.

The square umbrella stand is 6cm in height, which will restrict use with certain outdoor dining tables featuring floor-mounted ladder rails less than 8cm from the ground.

The granite parasol base features a polished, stainless steel pole complete with adapters allow 4 pole diameters from 32 to 52mm and tightening knobs to ensure the parasol is securely fitted when in use. The pole will need to be attached to the base upon delivery.

Granite parasol base dimensions:

Tube Height: 34 cm
Base Height: 6 cm
Base Plate: 40 x 40 cm
Net Weight: 25 kg